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IPO's by Industry: Health Care

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AAC Holdings, Inc.AACPriced at $15.005 million10/2/2014William Blair, Raymond James
AC Immune SAACIU$11.00-$13.006 million9/23/2016Credit Suisse, Jefferies, Leerink Partners
Accelerated PharmaACCP$4.00-$6.002.4 million0/0/0Rodman & Renshaw
Acelity HoldingsTBDWithdrawnTBD0/0/0J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs & Co., BofA Merrill Lynch
Achaogen, Inc.AKAOPriced at $12.006 million3/12/2014Credit Suisse, Cowen & Co.
Aclaris TherapeuticsACRS$14.00-$16.005 million10/7/2015Jefferies, Citigroup
Adamas PharmaceuticalsADMSPriced at $16.003 million4/10/2014Credit Suisse, Piper Jaffray
AdaptImmune TherapeuticsADAPPriced at $17.0011.25 million5/6/2015BofA Merrill Lynch, Cowen & Co., Leerink Partners
Adeptus HealthADPTPriced at $22.004.9 million6/25/2014Deutsche Bank Securities, Goldman Sachs & Co., Evercore, Morgan Stanley
ADMA BiologicsADMAPriced at $8.503.35 million10/17/2013Oppenheimer & Co., BMO Capital Markets
Aduro BiotechADROPriced at $17.007 million4/15/2015BofA Merrill Lynch, Leerink Partners
Advanced Accelerator Applications S.A.AAAP$15.00-$17.004.7 million11/11/2015Citigroup, Jefferies
Advanced Inhalation Therapies, Ltd.AITPU$15.00-$15.00333,3330/0/0Joseph Gunnar & Co.
Aeglea Therapeutics, Inc.AGLE$16.00-$18.005 million4/7/2016UBS Investment Bank, BMO Capital Markets, Wells Fargo Securities
Aerie PharmaceuticalsAERIPriced at $10.006.72 million10/25/2013RBC Capital Markets, Stifel Nicolaus Weisel
Affimed Therapeutics B.V.AFMDPriced at $7.008 million9/12/2014Jefferies, Leerink Partners BMO Capital Markets
Agile Therapeutics, Inc.AGRXPriced at $6.009.2 million5/23/2014RBC Capital Markets, William Blair
Agios PharmaceuticalsAGIO7/24/2014J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs
Aimmune Therapeutics, Inc.AIMT$14.00-$16.0010 million8/6/2015BofA Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, Piper Jaffray
Akcea Therapeutics, Inc.AKCATBDTBD0/0/0Cowen and Company, Stifel, Wells Fargo Securities
Akebia TherapeuticsAKBAPriced at $17.005.88 million3/20/2014Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse
Alder BiopharmaceuticalsALDR$13.00-$15.007.15 million5/8/2014Credit Suisse, Leerink Partners.
Ambit Biosciences CorporationAMBIPriced at $8.008.1 million5/16/2013 Citigroup, Leerink Swann
Amedica CorporationAMDAPriced at $5.753.5 million2/13/2014JMP Securities
American Renal Associates HoldingsARA$20.00-$23.007.5 million4/21/2016BofA Merrill Lynch, Barclays, Goldman Sachs & Co., Wells Fargo Securities, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey
Amphastar PharmaceuticalsAMPHPriced at $7.008 million6/25/2014Jefferies, BMO Capital Markets, Piper Jaffray
AnaptysBio, Inc.ANAB$14.00-$16.005 million1/26/2017Credit Suisse, Stifel
Apellis PharmaceuticalsAPLSTBDTBD0/0/0Citigroup, Barclays, Leerink Partners
Applied Genetic Technologies CorpAGTCPriced at $12.004.2 million3/27/2014BMO Capital Markets, Wedbush PacGrow Life Science
Aquinox Pharmaceuticals, Inc.AQXPPriced at $11.004.2 million3/7/2014Jefferies, Cowen & Co.
Arcadia Biosciences, Inc.RKDAPriced at $8.008.2 million 5/15/2015Credit Suisse, J.P. Morgan, Piper Jaffray
Ardelyx Inc.,ARDXPriced at $14.004.3 million6/19/2014Citigroup, Leerink Partners
Argos TherapeuticsARGSPriced at $8.005.63 million2/7/2014Piper Jaffray, Stifel, JMP Securities
Ascendis Pharma A/SASNDPriced at $18.006 million1/28/2015BofA Merrill Lynch, Leerink Partners, Wells Fargo Securities
Atara Biotherapeutics, Inc.ATRAPriced at $11.005 million10/16/2014Goldman Sachs & Co., Citigroup
aTyr PharmaLIFEPriced at $14.005.4 million5/7/2015J.P. Morgan, Citigroup
Audentes Therapeutics, Inc.BOLD$14.00-$16.005 million7/20/2016BofA Merrill Lynch, Cowen & Co., Piper Jaffray
Auris Medical Holding AGEARSPriced at $6.009.4 million8/6/2014Jefferies, Leerink Partners
Auspex PharmaceuticalsASPXPriced at $12.007 million2/5/2014Stifel, BMO Capital Markets
Avalanche Biotechnologies, Inc.AAVL$13.00-$15.005.4 million7/31/2014Jefferies, Cowen & Co., Piper Jaffray
AveXis, Inc.AVXS$19.00-$21.004.75 million2/11/2016Goldman Sachs & Co., Jefferies
Avinger, Inc.AVGRPriced at $13.005 million1/30/2015Canaccord Genuity, Cowen & Co.
Axovant Sciences, Ltd.AXON$13.00-$15.0021 million6/11/2015Jefferies, Evercore ISI, RBC Capital Markets
Axsome TherapeuticsAXSM$11.00-$13.005.6 million11/19/2015Ladenburg Thalmann
AzurRx, Inc.AZRX$6.00-$8.00960 thousand10/11/2016WallachBeth Capital, Network 1 Financial
BeiGene, Ltd.BGNE$15.00-$17.006.6 million2/3/2016Goldman Sachs & Co., Morgan Stanley, Cowen & Co.
Bellerophon TherapeuticsBLPH$14.00-$16.004 million2/13/2015Leerink Partners, Cowen & Co.
Bellicum PharmaceuticalsBLCMPriced at $19.007.35 million12/18/2014Jefferies, Citigroup, Piper Jaffray
BeyondSpring Inc.BYSI$20.00-$22.00174K3/9/2017Rodman & Renshaw
Bind Therapeutics, Inc.BINDPriced at $15.004.7 million9/20/2013Credit Suisse, Cowen & Co.
Bio Blast Pharma Ltd.ORPNPriced at $11.003.2 million7/31/2014Oppenheimer & Co., Roth Capital Partners
Bioceres S.A.BIOXTBDTBD0/0/0Piper Jaffray, Itau BBA
Biohaven Pharmaceutical Holding Company Ltd.BHVN$14.00-$16.008.33 million5/4/2017Morgan Stanley, Piper Jaffray, Barclays
Bioventus Inc.BIOV$16.00-$18.008.82 million7/29/2016J.P. Morgan, Piper Jaffray
Blueprint Medicines CorporationBPMCPriced at $18.008.15 million4/30/2015Goldman Sachs & Co., Cowen & Co.
Calithera BiosciencesCALAPriced at $10.008 million10/2/2014Citigroup, Leerink Partners
Cancer GeneticsCGIXPriced at $10.00600 Thousand4/5/2013Aegis Capital Corp, Feltl & Co.
Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals CPPWithdrawn1.25 million0/0/0Aegis Capital
Capnia, Inc.CAPNPriced at $6.501.65 million11/13/2014Maxim Group LLC
Cara TherapeuticsCARAPriced at $11.005 million1/31/2014Stifel, Piper Jaffray
Carbylan TherapeuticsCBYLPriced at $5.0013 million4/9/2015Leerink Partners
CareDx Inc.,CDNAPriced at $10.004 million7/17/2014Piper Jaffray, Leerink Partners
Catabasis PharmaceuticalsCATB$13.00-$15.005 million6/25/2015Citigroup, Cowen & Co.
Catalent, Inc.CTLTPriced at $20.5042.5 million7/31/2014Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan
Cellular Dynamics InternationalICELPriced at $12.003.9 million7/25/2013J.P. Morgan
Cempra HoldingsCEMP$11.00-$13.006 million2/3/2012Stifel Nicolaus Weisel, Leerink Swann, Cowen and Company
Cerecor, Inc.CERC$6.00-$7.004 million10/15/2015Maxim Group LLC
Cerulean PharmaCERUPriced at $7.008.5 million4/10/2014Leerink Partners
Check-Cap Ltd.CHEKUPriced at $6.002 million2/19/2015Chardan Capital Markets, LLC, Maxim Group LLC
Chiasma, Inc.CHMA$13.00-$15.006.36 million7/16/2015Barclays, Cowen & Co.
Cidara Therapeutics CDTXPriced at $16.004.8 million4/15/2015Jefferies, Leerink Partners
Civitas Solutions, Inc.CIVIPriced at $17.0011.7 million9/17/2014Barclays, Jefferies, BofA Merrill Lynch, UBS Investment Bank
Clearside BiomedicalCLSD$7.00-$7.007.2 million6/2/2016Cowen & Co., Stifel
Coherus BioSciences, Inc.CHRSPriced at $13.506.3 million11/6/2014J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse
Collegium PharmaceuticalCOLLPriced at $12.005.8 million5/7/2015Jefferies, Piper Jaffray
Colucid PharmaceuticalsCLCDPriced at $10.005.5 million5/6/2015Piper Jaffray, Stifel
Community Healthcare TrustCHCT$19.00-$21.006.25 million5/21/2015Sandler O' Neill + Partners LP, Evercore ISI, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey
Conatus PharmaceuticalsCNATPriced at $11.006 million7/25/2013Stifel Nicolaus Weisel, Piper Jaffray
Concert Pharmaceuticals, Inc.CNCEPriced at $14.006 million2/13/2014UBS Investment Bank, Wells Fargo Securities
ConforMIS, Inc.CFMS$14.00-$16.009 million7/1/2015J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank Securities
Corium International, Inc.CORIPriced at $8.006.5 million4/3/2014Jefferies, Leerink Partners
Corvus PharmaceuticalsCRVS$15.00-$17.004.7 million3/23/2016Credit Suisse, Cowen & Co., Guggenheim Securities
CRISPR TherapeuticsCRSP$15.00-$17.004 million10/19/2016Citigroup, Piper Jaffray, Barclays
CytomX TherapeuticsCTMX$14.00-$16.006.7 million10/8/2015BofA Merrill Lynch, Jefferies, Cowen & Co.
Dermira, Inc.DERMPriced at $16.007.8 million10/3/2014Citigroup, Leerink Partners
Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, Inc.DRNAPriced at $15.006 million1/30/2014Jefferies, Leerink Swann, Stifel
Dimension TherapeuticsDMTX$14.00-$16.005.5 million10/22/2015Goldman Sachs & Co., Citigroup, Wells Fargo Securities
Dipexium Pharmaceuticals, LLCDPRXPriced at $12.002.75 million3/13/2014Oppenheimer & Co., Feltl & Co.
Diplomat PharmacyDPLOPriced at $13.0013.33 million10/10/2014Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley
Eagle PharmaceuticalsEGRXPriced at $15.003.33 million2/12/2014Piper Jaffray, William Blair
Edge TherapeuticsEDGE$14.00-$16.007.3 million10/1/2015Leerink Partners, Credit Suisse
Editas Medicine, Inc.EDIT$16.00-$18.005.9 million2/3/2016Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan
EgaletEGLTPriced at $12.004.2 million2/6/2014Stifel, JMP Securities
Eleven BiotherapeuticsEBIOPriced at $10.005 million2/6/2014Citigroup, Cowen & Co., Leerink Swann
Ellipse Technologies, Inc.MGECTBDTBD0/0/0Piper Jaffray, William Blair, Canaccord Genuity
Enanta PharmaceuticalsENTAPriced at $14.004 million3/21/2013J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse
EndoChoice HoldingsGI$15.00-$17.006.35 million6/5/2015J.P. Morgan, BofA Merrill Lynch
Endostim, Inc.STIMWithdrawn3.2 million0/0/0Wedbush PacGrow Life Sciences
Endra Life SciencesNDRA$5.00-$5.501.4 million4/27/2017Dougherty & Company, Dawson James
Entellus MedicalENTLPriced at $17.004.6 million1/29/2015BofA Merrill Lynch, Piper Jaffray
Epocrates, Inc.EPOC0/0/0J.P. Morgan
Evoke PharmaEVOKPriced at $12.002.1 million9/25/2013Aegis Capital Corp
Evolent HealthEVH$14.00-$16.0011.5 million6/5/2015J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs & Co.
Exagen Diagnostics, Inc.EXDXTBDTBD0/0/0Leerink Partners, Baird
Fate Therapeutics, Inc.FATEPriced at $6.006.7 million10/1/2013Cowen & Co., BMO Capital Markets
FibroGen, Inc.FGENPriced at $18.008.1 million11/14/2014Goldman Sachs & Co., Citigroup, Leerink Partners
Five Prime TherapeuticsFPRX$12.00-$14.002.8 million9/18/2013Jefferies, BMO Capital Markets, Wells Fargo Securities
Flex PharmaFLKSPriced at $16.005.4 million1/29/2015Jefferies, Piper Jaffray
Flexion Therapeutics, Inc.FLXNPriced at $13.005 million2/12/2014BMO Capital Markets, Wells Fargo Securities
Foamix PharmaceuticalsFOMXPriced at $6.006.7 million9/18/2014Barclays, Cowen and Company
Forward PharmaFWPPriced at $21.0010.5 million10/15/2014Leerink Partners, Jefferies, RBC Capital Markets
Foundation MedicineFMIPrice at $18.005.89 million9/25/2013Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan
Fulgent Genetics, Inc.FLGT$12.00-$14.004.2 million9/29/2016Credit Suisse, Piper Jaffray, Raymond James
G1 Therapeutics, Inc.GTHXTBDTBD0/0/0J.P. Morgan, Cowen and Company
Gemphire Therapeutics GEMP$11.00-$13.003 million8/5/2016Jefferies, RBC Capital Markets
GenSight Biologics S.A.GNSTWithdrawn11/6/2015Leerink Partners, Evercore ISI, Canaccord Genuity
Glaukos CorporationGKOS$13.00-$15.006 million6/25/2015J.P. Morgan, BofA Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs & Co.
Global Blood TherapeuticsGBT$16.00-$18.006 million8/12/2015Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs & Co.
Globus MedicalGMEDPriced at $12.008.33 million8/3/2012BofA Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Piper Jaffray
GlycoMimeticsGLYCPriced at $8.007.0 million1/10/2014Jefferies, Barclays
Heat BiologicsHTBXPriced at $10.002.5 million7/24/2013Aegis Capital Corp
Histogenics CorporationHSGXPriced at $11.005.91 million12/3/2014Cowen & Co., Needham & Co., Canaccord Genuity
HTG Molecular DiagnosticsHTGMPriced at $14.003.6 million5/6/2015Leerink Partners
IASIS Healthcare CorporationIASWithdrawnTBD0/0/0BofA Merrill Lynch, Barclays, J.P. Morgan
iKang Healthcare Group, Inc.KANGPriced at $14.0010.9 million4/9/2014BofA Merrill Lynch, UBS Investment Bank
Immune Design CorpIMDZPriced at $12.005 million7/24/2014Jefferies, Leerink Partners, Wells Fargo Securities
INC Research Holdings, Inc.INCRPriced at $18.508.1 million11/7/2014Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse
Innocoll GmbHINNLPriced at $9.006.3 million7/25/2014Piper Jaffray, Stifel
Inogen, Inc.INGNPriced at $16.004.4 million2/14/2014J.P. Morgan
Inotek Pharmaceuticals CorporationITEKPriced at $6.006.67 million2/18/2015Cowen & Co., Piper Jaffray
Intellia TherapeuticsNTLAPriced at $18.006 million5/6/2016Credit Suisse, Jefferies, Leerink Partners
Intersect ENT, Inc.XENTPriced at $11.005 milion7/24/2014J.P. Morgan, Piper Jaffray
IntrexonXONPriced at $16.0010 million8/8/2013J.P. Morgan, Barclays Capital
inVentiv Group HoldingsINVTBDTBD0/0/0Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs & Co., Jefferies
Invitae CorporationNVTAPriced at $16.006.35 million2/12/2015J.P. Morgan
Invuity, Inc.IVTY$12.00-$12.004 million6/15/2015Piper Jaffray, Leerink Partners, Stifel
iRadimed Inc.IRMDPriced at $6.252.02 million7/16/2014Roth Capital Partners
Jaguar Animal HealthJAGXPriced at $7.002.86 million5/13/2015Aegis Capital Corp
Jounce TherapeuticsJNCE$13.00-$15.006.365 million1/27/2017J.P. Morgan, Cowen and Company
Juno TherapeuticsJUNOPriced at $24.0011.02 million12/19/2014Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs & Co.
K2M Group Holdings, Inc.KTWOPriced at $15.008.83 million5/8/2014Piper Jaffray, Barclays, Wells Fargo Securities
Kadmon Holdings, LLCKDMN$16.00-$20.006.25 million7/27/2016Citigroup, Jefferies
Karyopharm TherapeuticsKPTI$14.00-$16.005.7 million11/6/2013BofA Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan, Leerink Partners
KemPharm, Inc.KMPHPriced at $11.005.09 million4/16/2015Cowen & Co., RBC Capital Markets
Kite Pharma, Inc.,KITEPriced at $17.007.5 million6/20/2014Jefferies, Credit Suisse, Cowen and Co.
Lantheus HoldingsLNTH$8.50-$10.5010.83 million6/25/2015Credit Suisse, Jefferies, RBC Capital Markets, Wells Fargo Securities
Liposcience, Inc.LPDXPriced at $9.005 million1/25/2013Barclays Capital, UBS Investment Bank, Piper Jaffray
Loxo Oncology, Inc.LOXOPriced at $13.005.3 million8/1/2014Cowen & Co., Stifel
Lumenis Ltd.LMNSPriced at $12.006.25 million2/27/2014Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Jefferies
Macrocure Ltd.MCURPriced at $10.005.4 million7/31/2014Credit Suisse, Jefferies
Mapi - Pharma Ltd.MAPI$15.00-$17.003.1 million0/0/0JMP Securities
Marinus PharmaceuticalsMRNSPriced at $8.005.62 million7/31/2014Stifel, JMP Securities
Mediwound Ltd.MDWDPriced at $14.005 million3/20/2014Credit Suisse, Jefferies, BMO Capital Markets
MedPace HoldingsMEDP$20.00-$23.007 million8/11/2016Jefferies, Credit Suisse, UBS Investment Bank, Wells Fargo Securities
Merus B.V.MRUS$14.00-$16.005.5 million5/19/2016Citigroup, Jefferies
Minerva NeurosciencesNERVPriced at $6.005.5 million7/1/2014Jefferies
Mirna TherapeuticsMIRN$13.00-$15.006.25 million10/1/2015Citigroup, Leerink Partners
Moleculin Biotech, Inc.MBRX$5.00-$6.001.54 million6/2/2016Bonwick Capital Partners LLC, Network 1 Financial Securities
MyoKardia, Inc.MYOK$15.00-$17.005.4 million10/29/2015Credit Suisse, Cowen & Co.
Myovant Sciences, Ltd.MYOV$12.00-$15.0014.5 million10/27/2016Citigroup, Cowen and Company, Evercore ISI, Barclays
Nabriva Therapeutics AGNBRV$10.50-$10.509 million9/18/2015Leerink Partners, RBC Capital Markets
Nant HealthNH$12.50-$15.506.5 million6/2/2016Jefferies, Cowen & Co.
NantKwestNK$20.00-$23.008.3 million7/28/2015BofA Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Jefferies, Piper Jaffray
Natera, Inc.NTRA$15.00-$17.0010 million7/2/2015Morgan Stanley, Cowen & Co., Piper Jaffray
Neos TherapeuticsNEOS$14.00-$16.004.8 million7/23/2015UBS Investment Bank, BMO Capital Markets, RBC Capital Markets
Neothetics, Inc.NEOTPriced at $14.004.65 million11/20/2014Piper Jaffray, Guggenheim Securities
Neuroderm, Ltd.NDRMPriced at $10.004.5 million11/14/2014Jefferies, Cowen & Co.
NevroNVROPriced at $18.007 million11/6/2014J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley
Nexvet Biopharma plcNVETPriced at $10.004 million2/5/2015BofA Merrill Lynch, Cowen & Co.
Nivalis TherapeuticsNVLS$13.00-$15.005.5 million6/17/2015Cowen & Co., Stifel
Novan, Inc.NOVN$11.00-$13.004.1 million9/21/2016Piper Jaffray
NovoCure LimitedNVCR$26.00-$29.007.5 million10/2/2015J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank Securities, Evercore ISI
Obalon TherapeuticsOBLN$14.00-$16.005 million10/6/2016UBS Investment Bank, Canaccord Genuity, Stifel
ObsEva SAOBSV$14.00-$16.006.45 million1/26/2017Credit Suisse, Jefferies, Leerink Partners
Ocular TherapeutixOCULPriced at $13.005 million7/25/2014Morgan Stanley, Cowen & Co., RBC Capital Markets
Omthera PharmaceuticalsOMTHPriced at $8.008 million4/11/2013BofA Merrill Lynch, Barclays Capital, Leerink Swann
Oncobiologics, Inc.ONS$6.00-$6.005.8 million5/13/2016Jefferies, Barclays
OncoMed PharmaceuticalsOMEDPriced at $17.004.8 million7/18/2013Jefferies, Leerink Swann
Onconova TherapeuticsONTXPriced at $15.005.2 million7/25/2013 Citigroup, Leerink Swann
Opgen, Inc.OPGNPriced at $6.002.85 million5/5/2015Maxim Group LLC
OrthoPediatrics Corp.KIDSTBDTBD0/0/0Piper Jaffray, Stifel
Otonomy, Inc.OTICPriced at $16.006.25 million8/13/2014J.P. Morgan, BofA Merrill Lynch
Ovid Therapeutics Inc.OVIDTBDTBD0/0/0Citigroup, Cowen and Company
Oxford Immunotec Global PLCOXFDPriced at $12.005.36 million11/22/2013J.P. Morgan, Piper Jaffray
Parnell Pharmaceutical Holdings LtdPARN$10.00-$10.005 million6/18/2014Jefferies, Piper Jaffray
Patheon N.V.PTHN$19.00-$22.0029.76 million7/21/2016J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Jefferies, UBS Investment Bank,Credit Suisse, Evercore ISI, Wells Fargo Securities
Penumbra, Inc.PEN$25.00-$28.004 million9/18/2015J.P. Morgan, BofA Merrill Lynch
Pfenex, Inc.PFNXPriced at $6.008.33 million7/24/2014William Blair, JMP Securities
PhaseRx, Inc.PZRX$5.00-$7.003.7 million5/18/2016Laidlaw & Co., Roth Capital Partners
Phibro Animal Health CorporationPAHCPriced at $15.0012.745 million4/11/2014BofA Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Barclays
PLX PharmaPLXP$17.00-$19.003.8 million0/0/0Raymond James, Maxim Group LLC
PRA Health Sciences, Inc.PRAHPriced at $18.0016.98 million11/13/2014Jefferies, Citigroup, KKR, UBS Investment Bank, Credit Suisse, Wells Fargo Securities
Presbia PLCLENSPriced at $10.004.2 million1/29/2015Jefferies
Press Ganey HoldingsPGND$22.00-$24.008.9 million5/21/2015Barclays, Goldman Sachs & Co., William Blair, Wells Fargo Securities
ProNAi TherapeuticsDNAI$14.00-$16.008.1 million7/16/2015Jefferies, BofA Merrill Lynch
Proqr Therapeutics B.V.PRQRPriced at $13.007.5 million9/18/2014Leerink Partners, Deutsche Bank Securities
Prosensa Holding B.V.RNAPriced at $13.006 million6/28/2013J.P. Morgan, Citigroup, Leerink Swann
Protagonist TherapeuticsPTGX$12.00-$12.007.5 million8/11/2016Leerink Partners, Barclays, BMO Capital Markets
Proteon Therapeutics, Inc.PRTOPriced at $10.006.1 million10/22/2014Stifel, JMP Securities
Proteostasis TherapeuticsPTI$12.00-$14.006.25 million2/11/2016Leerink Partners, RBC Capital Markets
Pulse BiosciencesPLSE$4.00-$4.005 million5/18/2016MDB Capital Group LLC, Feltl and Company
Quotient LimitedQTNTUPriced at $8.005 million4/25/2014UBS Investment Bank, Baird, Cowen & Co.
RA PharmaceuticalsRARX$12.00-$14.007.05 million10/26/2016Credit Suisse, Jefferies, BMO Capital Markets
Radius HealthRDUSPriced at $8.006.5 million6/6/2014Jefferies, Cowen & Co.
Reata PharmaceuticalsRETA$14.00-$16.005.5 million5/26/2016Citigroup, Cowen & Co., Piper Jaffray
REGENXBIO, Inc.RGNX$17.00-$19.006.3 million9/17/2015Morgan Stanley, BofA Merrill Lynch, Piper Jaffray
Revance Therapeutics, Inc.RVNCPriced at $16.006 million2/6/2014Cowen & Co., Piper Jaffray
ReWalk Robotics Ltd.RWLKPriced at $12.003 million9/12/2014Barclays, Jefferies
Ritter PharmaceuticalsRTTR$5.00-$5.004 million6/24/2015Aegis Capital Corp, Chardan Capital Markets
Roka BiosciencesROKAPriced at $12.005 million7/17/2014BofA Merrill Lynch, Leerink Partners
Sage TherapeuticsSAGEPriced at $18.005 million7/18/2014J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs & Co.
Sancilio PharmaceuticalsSPCIWithdrawnTBD0/0/0UBS Investment Bank, Piper Jaffray
SCYNEXIS, Inc.SCYX$10.00-$10.006.2 million5/2/2014RBC Capital Markets, Canaccord Genuity
Second Sight Medical ProductsEYESPriced at $9.003.5 million11/19/2014MDB Capital Group LLC
Selecta BiosciencesSELB$14.00-$16.005 Million6/22/2016UBS Investment Bank, Stifel
SenesTech, Inc.SNES$12.00-$14.001.875 million12/8/2016Roth Capital Partners
Sensus HealthcareSRTS$6.25-$6.252 million6/3/2016Northland Capital Markets, Neidiger Tucker Bruner Inc
Seres TherapeuticsMCRB$15.00-$17.007.43 million6/26/2015Goldman Sachs & Co., BofA Merrill Lynch
Sientra, Inc.SIENPriced at $15.005 million10/29/2014Piper Jaffray, Stifel
Spark TherapeuticsONCEPriced at $23.007 million1/30/2015J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse
Spring Bank PharmaceuticalsSBPH$12.00-$14.00920 Thousand5/6/2016Dawson James Securities
SteadyMed Ltd.STDYPriced at $8.504.7 million3/20/2015Wells Fargo Securities, RBC Capital Markets
Stemline TherapeuticsSTMLPriced at $10.003.3 million1/29/2013Aegis Capital Corp
Surgery Partners, Inc.SGRY$23.00-$26.0014.3 million10/1/2015BofA Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs & Co., Jefferies
Surgical Care AffiliatesSCAIPriced at $24.009.8 million10/30/2013J.P. Morgan, Citigroup
SurgiQuest, Inc.TBDWithdrawnTBD0/0/0Piper Jaffray, Stifel, Canaccord Genuity
Syndax Pharmaceuticals, Inc.SNDX$14.00-$16.004.4 million3/3/2016Morgan Stanley, Citigroup
Syros PharmaceuticalsSYRS$14.00-$16.004 million6/30/2016Cowen & Co., Piper Jaffray
T2 Biosystems, Inc.TTOOPriced at $11.005.2 million8/7/2014Goldman Sachs & Co., Morgan Stanley
Tabula Rasa HealthCareTRHC$13.00-$15.004.3 million9/29/2016Wells Fargo Securities, UBS Investment Bank, Piper Jaffray
Tactile Systems TechnologyTCMD$14.00-$16.004 million7/28/2016Piper Jaffray, William Blair, Canaccord Genuity
Tandem Diabetes CareTNDMPriced at $15.008.0 million11/14/2013BofA Merrill Lynch, Piper Jaffray
Teladoc, Inc.TDOC$15.00-$17.008.25 million7/1/2015J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank Securities
TesaroTSRO$12.00-$15.006.0 million6/28/2014Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Leerink Swann
TetraLogic PharmaceuticalsTLOGPriced at $7.007.2 million12/12/2013Oppenheimer & Co., Guggenheim Securities, Needham & Co.
Thar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.THARTBDTBD0/0/0SunTrust Robinson Humphrey
The Joint Corp.JYNTPriced at $6.503 million11/11/2014Roth Capital Partners, Feltl and Company
Tocagen, Inc.TOCA$10.00-$12.008.5 million4/13/2017Leerink Partners, Evercore ISI, Stifel
Tokai Pharmaceuticals, Inc.TKAIPriced at $15.006.48 miillion9/17/2014BMO Capital Markets, Stifel, William Blair
Tracon Pharmaceutical TCONPriced at $10.003.6 million1/30/2015Wells Fargo Securities, Stifel
TranzymeTZYM$4.00-$4.0013.5 million4/4/2011Citigroup
TrevenaTRVNPriced at $7.009.3 million1/31/2014Barclays, Jefferies
Trivascular Technologies, Inc.TRIVPriced at $12.006.5 million4/16/2014J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse
Trupanion Inc.TRUPPriced at $10.007.1 million7/18/2014RBC Capital Markets, Barclays, Stifel
Ultragenyx PharmaceuticalRAREPriced at $21.005.8 million1/31/2014J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley
uniQure B.V.QUREPriced at $17.005.4 million2/5/2014Jefferies, Leerink Swann, Piper Jaffray
UroGen Pharma Ltd.URGN$12.00-$14.003.46 milliion5/4/2017Jefferies, Cowen and Company
Vanguard Health Systems, Inc.VHSPriced at $18.0025 million6/22/2011BofA Merrill Lynch, Barclays Capital, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank Securities, J.P. Morgan
Vascular Biogenics, Ltd.VBLTPriced at $6.006.66 million10/1/2014Deutsche Bank Securities
Veracyte, Inc.VCYTPriced at $13.005 million10/30/2013Morgan Stanley, Leerink Swann
Verastem, Inc.VSTMLast trade $16.922.9 million7/17/2013Jefferies, Leerink Swann
Versartis, Inc.VSARPriced at $21.006 million3/21/2014Morgan Stanley, Citigroup
Viamet Pharmaceuticals Holdings, LLCVMET$14.00-$16.005.7 mill0/0/0Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs & Co.
Viking Therapeutics, Inc.VKTXPriced at $8.003 million4/29/2015Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd.
Visterra, Inc.VIST$12.00-$14.003.9 million0/0/0Leerink Partners, Stifel
Vitae Pharmaceuticals, Inc.VTAEPriced at $8.006.875 million9/24/2014Stifel, BMO Capital Markets
Vital TherapiesVTLPriced at $12.004.5 million4/17/2014BofA Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse
Viventia Bio, Inc.VITATBDTBD0/0/0Leerink Securites, Cowen and Company, Guggenheim Securities
Voyager TherapeuticsVYGR$15.00-$17.005 million11/11/2015Cowen & Co., Piper Jaffray, Nomura, Wedbush PacGrow
vTv Therapeutics Inc.VTVT$15.00-$17.007.8 million 7/30/2015Piper Jaffray, Stifel
Wave Life Sciences PTE, Ltd.WVE$15.00-$17.006.375 million11/11/2015Jefferies, Leerink Partners
Xactly CorporationXTLY$10.00-$12.007.04 million6/26/2015J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank Securities, UBS Investment Bank
XBiotech, Inc.XBITPriced at $19.004 million4/15/2015WRHambrecht + Co.
Xenon PharmaceuticalsXENEPriced at $9.004 million11/5/2014Jefferies, Wells Fargo Securities
Zafgen, Inc.ZFGNPriced at $16.006 million6/19/2014Leerink Partners, Cowen and Company
Zoetis Inc.ZTSPriced at $26.0086.1 million2/1/2013J.P. Morgan, BofA Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley
Zosano Pharma CorporationZSANPriced at $11.004.5 million1/27/2015Ladenburg Thalmann, Roth Capital Partners
ZS Pharma Inc.,ZSPHPriced at $18.005.9 million6/18/2014J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse
Zymeworks Inc.ZYME$13.00-$16.004.5 million4/28/2017Citigroup, Barclays, Wells Fargo Securities, Canaccord Genuity
Zynerba Pharmaceuticals, Inc.ZYNE$13.00-$15.003 million8/5/2015Jefferies, Piper Jaffray

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