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You will notice that we do not identify the people we are quoting. Above all else IPO Boutique respects, values and guards the privacy of our subscribers. Many of our clients whose testimonials appear on our page are market professionals such as stock brokers and financial advisers. We appreciate their expressions of gratitude toward us, and would never compromise their right to privacy by publishing their names.

254I'm blown away w/ the quantity and quality of your email advice.
253Keep up the good work with the IPO Boutique great stuff! You have a subscriber for life
252Just a brief note to say many tks for the forewarned comments re GOGO. You saved me a bundle.
251We are very glad to subscribe to your service. By far, it is the best one of the several that we use.
250Congratulations on your call yesterday concerning SandRidge. Very impressive!
249You always answer my questions. You are the best and I love your syndicate service.
248You and your team do an impressive job with your entire suite of information. We appreciate your work
247Hi Scott, Awesome answer! It was exactly what I was looking for. I very much appreciate it. Thank you for taking the extra time with me on this one.
246All the information I could have expected, and more.
245Congrats on the press! A job well done!
244I really enjoy working with you. You are a true professional and offer a wonderful and valuable service.
243GM is fantastic! Thanks so much for your guidance. I couldn't have done it without your help.
242Nice call Scott- you nailed it. Thanks for keeping me safe on this one.
241NICE call on Blackrock!!! Very timely upgrade you made. Keep up the great work.
240Great job Scott. AWESOME call on TFM.
239Between AIA, MCOX, EXAM, GAGA and several secondaries, it has been a great week. Thank you for all your input, its always appreciated.
238Got 2,000 China Cache shares on Friday. Applied for them based on your colour ... so, thanks!!!!
237Thanks for the help on this deal Scott. I went for it. Your input helped a lot.
236thanks scott.your answers have been greatly appreciated and to the point,spot-on.thanks again
235Nice week. You made me a lot a money, as usual.
234Nice job on CBOE, shows why you are most definitely a stand out. Lots of services were dithering, nervous, pigeon-holed and not willing to look at bigger picture. You took a stand and I'm thrilled to see you were correct. Only negative which you had nothing to do with was the fact that the evil empire handled the offering and basically shut out retail 100% from participating.
233Thanks again for the service you provide. It is invaluable to our office.
232Thank you for making me a lot of money.
231Nice work navigating the shark tank this week!!
230Thanks, Scott. I appreciate that and value your service. Your analysis is unmatched on the street and is essential to anyone that is serious about that segment of investing!
229hi scott - excellent follow up on metals......your insight is very important......this game is an art, once again proven!
228Thank you guys, I am looking forward to the service, I've heard a lot of great things.
227There are people you meet that just go an extra mile to make their clients happy and you are one of them.
226I love your service. It helps a lot
225Made lot's o' money on your calls this week. I hope there is more to come this quarter.
224Thanks for another good week..
223FYI- made a killing on Diamond Foods today. Nice call on the buy rating.
222Thanks for all you research and advice. It has really help me make wealth. You're the greatest.
221Well said. We noticed the same circumstance. You are doing a great job at keeping us abreast of the information. Thanks.
220Great trade. Thanks, I would have passed.
219Kristi...You have joined a 5 star organization. They are professional and value added.
218In 14 days using your BUY recommendations (IPO's and Secondaries) I made $59,000.
217You just paid for two years worth of IPO Boutique subscriptions for steerng me clear of this.
216Thanks! Your ratings on Secondaries have been most helpful.
215Last month in 21 transactions I made $30,000 with 1 loser and 1 break even.
214We think your reads are terrific. You run a great service.
213Thanks for your great service!
212Awesome feedback Scott. You are very good at what you do!!!
211I REALLY appreciate your quick responses. It is very helpful and essential for what I do.
210Please go ahead and renew. I really enjoy IPO Boutique and find the info extremely helpful. Thanks for all your help.
209Your advice in very much appreciated.
208always appreciate your insight and research into the pre-trading demand. It really helps my indication strategy.
207Thanks again for the great insight and service. Been a great year!
206Thank you Scott- You are very professional and helpful.
205Thanks for the info. Your service is excellent.
204You were spot on.
203We are happy to refer subscribers to you as we think your research is wonderful.
202Thanks for the heads up on the deal. IPO Boutique once again provided the information that allowed me to make my broker aware of the deal and to get my indication in. I love it when I have the heads up on the deal in advance of my broker. It helps facilitate the indication process, and my broker appreciates it, because he doesn#39t have to "sell" me on a deal -- just take the order.
201great work with the numbers on fin/eng scott....I really appreciate your work!
200Scott........Thanks for your reply. It was helpful and your help is always appreciated.
199You have been great. Thanks.
198Thanks, and as always you do an excellent job.
197The service you provide is just amazing. No wonder you are so successful.
196I appreciate your newsletter; it's awesome.
195Thank you very much for your detailed reply. It is very helpful.
194I would never cancel my subscription - that would be the most expensive thing I would do.
193Thanks. Your colour on deals is great and always much appreciated.
192Thank you Scott- I appreciate your insight.
191Absolutely love the service you have been spot on.
190I always appreciate your promptness and input.
189Thanks Scott! You guys are awesome! I love your communications with us. You always give us a lot of information.
188I certainly appreciate your insight into this deal. You bring a fresh perspective that I have not considered. I see the stock getting beat up today in anticipation of this deal. I agree with you as well that a lot of the success of secondaries right now has to do with the pricing placement. We shall see how the market responds tomorrow, and how low MITI will be priced. Your answer was more than satisfactory.
187This is great stuff. Thank you very much for your timely and thoughtful response.
186I think you are spot on.
185I have made a lot of money with your advice.
184Welcome aboard! As a client, we're glad to have you. You are in very good company with Scott and the team.
183As always, your comments are thoughtful and delivered with the voice of experience. Thank you.
182I appreciate the prompt response and candid analysis.
181This is phenomenal information. We do have this filing in our records, but I wouldn't have noticed the information about Chinese markets if you hadn't pointed it out. Thank you so much!
180Thank you, Scott! It was great getting your insights.
179Thanks for the comments...Top analysis as always!
178Thank you for the quick response; you have clarified things for me.
177I have loved your service and told my friends about it. I will re-subscribe when I return. Thanks for your personal attention and great service.
176Quality product
175I made 6 pts almost 20% yesterday. I only hold the IPOs usually a day and at the most 3.
174Thanks again it was really nice to talk to you as usual!
173We had a very good day with NLY today. Thank you for your help.
172Great call on MJN. Especially in this market! Thanks for all of your help.
171I was able to avoid ICA thanks to your heads up.
170Marvellous call again on colfax , way before many of the others!
169Great work !
168Super.. You are always so helpful
167I always appreciate and value your input.
166You have a wonderful business. I am thankful I found IPO BOUTIQUE.
165Visa did very nicely and if I hadn't been a customer I would have missed it. Thanks Scott and Walt.
164Thank you. You guys are the best in the business.
163Thanks. . .we all now know the hot ones for tomorrow and Wednesday as well.
162There has been no need for what it is worth to go anywhere but to you. . .to get concise on target IPO information well before the actual trade date.
161We thank you for all the information you provide to us.
160Thank you for all your hard work and valuable info.
159Great info. Thanks.
158you have been right on . . . keep up the great work.
157I appreciate your ongoing efforts!
156We appreciate your help as always.
155You guys are doing a great job.
154Good job communicating!
153Thanks Walt! I really appreciate your quick turnaround.
152Very good analysis...
151thanks Scott marvellous as usual.
150Your service is greatly appreciated.
149Your company is very professional and as impressive as I thought it would be when I first looked at your web site.
148Many thanks for for the sound advice; it is very much appreciated.
147By the way, good call on the NUE ... You said might go down first (due to market) but would then bounce back. ... Bingo!
146I wish I had found your site earlier.
145Really appreciate all your help!
144Much better! This makes life easier. Great solution. Thanks for listening
143Your reply is very well thought out. Thank you.
142As usual, unbelievably helpful. Thank you so much.
141You're the greatest.
140Thank you very much-this is a great help!!
138Thanks for all your hard work.
137Thank you again for the time you took instructing me.
136Thanks for the answers Scott - I really appreciate it.
135We couldn't be happier with your service.
134Thanks for confirming my gut.
133Thank you very much for your detailed and well thought out response.
132You guys do an outstanding job.
131Thanks again for your and the entire staff's great service.
130thanks scott. yes, you have answered me exactly the way you should have and I appreciate it. I'm sure ill want to sign up for the yearly service
129Loving your service...
128Thank you. Your feedback is very helpful.
127I thoroughly enjoy you being a highly valued client of IPO Boutique.
126Well done! Bodes well for echo and edmc confidence.
125Thank you for the great customer service and high ethical standards that you adhere to.
124Thanks. Satisfied as always
123Thanks... I appreciate it... Your service has been a great aid.
122You are wonderful. Thanks so much.
121Thanks for the feedback, really helped understand why the rating was changed
120Keep up the great work!
119Good stuff, Scott. Thanks.
118Thanks again. We love the service.
117Thanks! You're terrific.
116I appreciate the personal attention. It is phenomenal!
115Very helpful thanks again
114I love your service. It is an excellent tool.
113Thanks for the good work!
112Thank you very much for your prompt response and prudent advice.
111As always, thanks much for all of the assistance and the great service.
110Scott, you do good work!
109I very much appreciate the help you gave me.
108Thanks for the "heads up" on GXDX.
107Very much appreciated, this info helps! CHK was a homerun for us.
106Thanks for your good advice.
105You are a tremendous help.
104Perfect answer.
103As always, I very much appreciate your information. It helps a lot.
102I think you guys do a great job.
101Thanks, Walt... You are the best!
100This is very helpful Scott.
99Very helpful. Thanks.
98Great job on your service.
97I will certainly recommend your service to others interested in the ipo market.
96Satisfied as always.
95Excellent job by you guys
94Many thanks, as I am learning, and this helps sooooooooo much!
93Thank you very much for giving me accurate info.
92Many companies don't understand how important communication is on-line, and yours is exceptional!
91I appreciate the quick response to my question.
90I agree with your new format. Thank you for an excellent process.
89WFC worked great. Thanks for the info. Great job.
88Thanks for the information and your time.You guys are great.
87Thanks so much. Love the service.
86I appreciate the personal service!
85You have an awesome service. Thanks for your help.
84Thanks again for your excellent service.
83I think your product is a good value.
82Great call.
81Your info has been spot on.
80I love your service.
79Thanks. Great info.
78You guys have an awesome track record.
77As always great insight
76You are very good at what you do.
75You guys do a great job.
74By the way, I'm very happy with your service.
73Thanks for all your time and knowledge you gave me yesterday I really appreciate it.
72You are very helpful and thoughtful.
71Thanks for the "heads up"! I really appreciate the personal service... Fabulous input!
70I am getting everything and really am impressed with the service.
69That's why I came to you - thank you soo much!!!
68Thanks again for the great service with IPO Boutique
67Scott, you really do a great job with the IPO info, bravo! Thank you
66Yes, thanks for responding so quickly.
65I love your service and recommendations!
64There are many who do believe in the good stuff you contribute.
63Thanks for the great service.
62I'd like to thank you and your staff for all of the input I've received from you and IPO Boutique. You have done a tremendous job in introducing and gaining my attention in IPO's and investing.
61I am really excited to hire you.
60This kind of service and I'll be an annual next month!
59I love your formatting and timeliness.
58You really do exceptional work.
57Your updates are fantastic!
56i'm enjoying the "boutique".
55. . . the highest caliber IPO site that I've seen.
54I always appreciate your insight and view about upcoming IPOs.
53You. . .have fans here that respect your opinion.
52Speaking for myself, I have gained a huge perspective of the market thru (your) eyes.
51You give very insightful and helpful information.
50I just started to look at this and it is fantastic. I will review everything in great detail.
49I appreciate your fast response.
48Thanks for your interest and kindness.
47THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
46I do think your service is great.
45Thanks so much and appreciate your fast response.
44Love the information you provide.
43Nobody puts in the time, energy, and the class to answer everyone's questions as dutifully as you. God bless you.
42You had it days in advance - not the day of. The day of always was too late for me.
41Thanks for the update, I managed to see the stock (MasterCard MA) hit on IB and placed a quick market order - getting in at $40.70. A pretty spectacular entry point! Great work on your part!
40Wow - another great day. Best one yet.
39Thanks again for all your hard work and putting out great info.
38We look forward to working with you in 2010 and beyond.
37Your service is excellent.
36Your letter keeps me on top of a lot of deals that I might not otherwise follow.
35Thank you for your consistently high level of service.
34I am impressed by your service and availability.
33I really appreciate the quick responses you give on my inquiries.
32You are very responsive to your clients.
31I have enjoyed and benefited from your expertise these past years.
30Great explanation. Thank you, Scott.
29I appreciate your candor and helpfulness. Your customer service is so refreshing, really first rate!
28Your client service is unbelievable - I really appreciate it.
27I like your attitude! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
26Your analysis is always appreciated.
25I love your service.
24Thanks Scott. You're the best. =)
23I am very thankful I am a IPO boutique customer and love the sound guidance it provides.
22What would I do with out you. .ty
21Please renew my subscription for another year. It is well worth it.
20AWESOME call on TFM. Great job Scott.
19Great call on MOBI. Your downgrade saved me from getting hurt.
18Thanks as always for your great service.
17Thanks....really like the service !
16Thanks for the great services, keep it up!
15You're ratings have been right on
14Thanks so much for the information. I really appreciate the personal service and response!
13This is a great service, glad we spoke. Thanks again.
12Great job as always. I love the service you provide to us.
11Your updates have proven very helpful. Keep it up!
10You are the best and always satisfactory. Thanks
9Great insight. Thanks
8I appreciate the quality of your analysis.
7Nice call on SAN I thank you and my clients thank you!!!!!
6Thanks for taking my call yesterday and more importantly thanks for the great color. Your the best!
5Thank you Scott, I've heard good things about your service and look forward to reading your opinions.
4Many tks for the guidence re BSMX
3Your service has been very profitable for me!
2Keep up the good work with the IPO Boutique great stuff! You have a subscriber for life
1Thank you for your thorough reply. No wonder your #1.

From time-to-time we have changed the service that we deliver based upon suggestions from our clients. When we implement these we always acknowledge to our subscribers that the new feature being added is the result of a client's suggestion without revealing any name. We are honest to the extent that we don't even want to take credit for others' contributions; yet, we protect their privacy above all else. Our subscribers learn quickly to appreciate our forth-right demeanor. The following testimonials are intended to merely give you a flavor of what to expect with IPO Boutique advisories.

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