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Trade Date
Skullcandy, Inc.SKUL 20.009.4 millionJuly 20 2011
BofA Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley
Jefferies & Co., Piper Jaffray, KeyBanc Capital Markets, Raymond James
1441 West Ute Boulevard, Suite 250, Park City, UT, 84098, US
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About Skullcandy (adapted from Skullcandy prospectus):
Skullcandy is a leading audio brand that focuses on the fusion of music, fashion and action sports lifestyles. Marketing groups / marketing targets are youth and rebellion. Skullcandy's motto is "Every revolution needs a soundtrack." Skullcandy seeks to reach its objectives by by stylizing a previously-commoditized product and capitalizing on the increasing pervasiveness, portability and personalization of music. The Skullcandy name and distinctive logo have rapidly become icons and contributed to their leading market position, robust net sales growth and strong profitability and return on invested capital. Their net sales increased from $9.1 million in 2006 to $160.6 million in 2010, representing a compound annual growth rate of approximately 105%.

Skullcandy redefined the headphone market by fusing bold color schemes, loud patterns, unique materials and creative packaging with the latest audio technologies and innovative functionalities. They offer a wide array of styles and price points and are expanding into complementary audio products and accessories.

Skullcandy targets the distribution of headphones into specialty retailers who are focused on action sports and the youth lifestyle. Through this channel, they reach consumer influencers, individuals who help establish and maintain the credibility and authenticity of the brand. Building on this, Skullcandy expanded their distribution to select consumer electronics, mass, sporting goods and mobile phone retailers. Skullcandy products are sold in the United States, and worldwide through their website.

This description is adapted from Skullcandy prospectus. This description is not intended to be a recommendation to buy stock from this company. To see the company's full description, view their prospectus..

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