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Company: MaxPoint Interactive
Symbol: MXPT
Price: $10.50-$12.50
Description: MaxPoint provides a leading business intelligence and marketing automation software service, which they refer to as their solution, that enables national brands to drive local, in-store sales.
Trade Date: 3/6
Shares: 6.5 million
Type: IPO
Underwriter(s)   Co Manager(s)

Goldman Sachs & Co., Deutsche Bank Securities, Pacific Crest Securities   Needham & Company, William Blair

Company: Wowo Limited
Symbol: WOWO
Price: $9.00-$11.00
Description: They operate one of China's leading third-party e-commerce platforms, focusing on local entertainment and lifestyle services such as restaurants, movie theaters and beauty salons.
Trade Date: 0/0
Shares: 6 million
Type: IPO
Underwriter(s)   Co Manager(s)