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Price Range
Issue Price
Trade Date
Luxfer Holdings PLCLXFR
[ NYSE ]
Priced at $10.00 $0.00 $0.008 million ADSs10/3/2012
Jefferies, Credit Suisse
KeyBanc, Oppenheimer & Co.

Filed 2011-12-02

Luxfer Holdings PLC Historical Chart - Click chart for current quote

About Luxfer Holdings PLC (adapted from Luxfer Holdings PLC prospectus):
Luxfer Holdings is a global materials technology company specializing in the design, manufacture and supply of high-performance materials, components and gas cylinders to customers in a broad range of growing end-markets. Their key end-markets are environmental technologies, healthcare technologies, protection and specialty technologies. Customers include both end-users and manufacturers that incorporate Luxfer products into their finished goods. Products include specialty chemicals used as catalysts in automobile engines to remove noxious gases; corrosion, flame and heat-resistant magnesium alloys used in safety-critical, aerospace, automotive and defense applications; photo-sensitive plates used for embossing and gold-foiling in the luxury packaging and greetings card industries; high-pressure aluminum and composite gas cylinders used by patients with breathing difficulties for mobile oxygen therapy, by firefighters in breathing apparatus equipment and by manufacturers of vehicles which run on compressed natural gas; and metal panels that can be "superformed" into complicated shapes to provide additional design freedom for a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, high-end automotive and rail transportation.

Area of expertise covers the chemical and metallurgical properties of aluminum, magnesium, zirconium, rare earths and certain other materials. Luxfer has pioneered the application of these materials in certain high-technology industries. For example, Luxfer was the first to develop and patent a rare-earth containing magnesium alloy (EZ33A) for use in high-temperature aerospace applications such as helicopter gearboxes; they were the first to manufacture a high-pressure gas cylinder out of a single piece of aluminum using cold impact extrusion; and they developed and patented the superforming process and the first superplastic aluminum alloy (AA2004) and were the first to offer superformed aluminum panelwork commercially.

Luxfer claims, "We believe that we have leading positions, technically and by market share, in key product areas, including magnesium aerospace alloys, photo-engraving plates, zirconium chemicals for automotive catalytic converters and aluminum and composite cylinders for breathing applications."

Some of Luxfer's key new development projects has them working within the Seat Committee of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and several aircraft seat manufacturers to introduce lightweight seats composed of magnesium into civil aircrafts; with the benefit of funding from the U.S. Army Research Labs, developing a magnesium alloy for use as lightweight armor plates on personnel carriers, which funding will also support Luxfer's internal development of commercial production capabilities for the alloy; the Intelligent Oxygen System, or IOS, developed in consultation with BOC Linde to deliver medical oxygen; a bio-absorbable magnesium alloy developed for a biotechnology customer for use in cardiovascular applications; and catalytic material developed jointly with Rhodia to meet the anticipated needs of automotive manufacturers for more effective diesel catalysis to satisfy new environmental regulations as they come into effect in Europe and the United States.

Luxfer, as it is today, began back to the 1982 merger of The British Aluminium Company Limited and Alcan Aluminium U.K. Limited, which created British Alcan. The original Luxfer Group Limited was formed in 1996 in connection with a transaction that resulted in the Management Buy-In of certain downstream assets of British Alcan. All of the share capital of Luxfer Group Limited was later acquired by Luxfer Holdings PLC in 1999, which became the parent holding company of their operating subsidiaries around the world.

This description is adapted from Luxfer Holdings prospectus. This description is not intended to be a recommendation to buy stock from this company. To see the company's full description, view their prospectus.

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