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Trade Date
Jive Software, Inc.JIVE
[ Nasdaq ]
12.0013.4 millionDecember 13 2011
Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs
Citi, UBS Investment Bank, BMO Capital Markets, Wells Fargo Securities
325 Lytton Avenue, Suite 200, Palo Alto, CA, 94301, US
Jive Software Web Site:

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About Jive Software (adapted from Jive Software prospectus):
Jive Software provides a social business software platform that improves communication and collaboration. The Jive Software platform is easy to use, flexible and scalable, and can be provided as a public cloud service or as a private cloud solution. The Jive Engage Platform enables collaboration across two principal communities: employees within the enterprise and customers and partners outside the enterprise. Internally, the Jive Platform is used as a communications tool and collaborative workspace that supports and enhances knowledge sharing and facilitates communication within and across organizational boundaries. Externally, customers and partners of the enterprise use the Jive platform to connect socially with one another, as well as with the enterprise, in a structured online community that allows users to ask questions, post answers and communicate about a product or particular issue. The Jive solution also taps into the social web by integrating relevant content and connections across the social networking landscape, enabling enterprises to improve their interactions with customers, leverage feedback to deliver improved products and services, and respond more quickly to market opportunities.

The Jive software platform is provided both as a public cloud service and as a private cloud solution that integrates with application services from the public cloud. Their deployment model enables access through web browsers, desktop applications and mobile devices and integrates with and leverages legacy, on-premise and hosted enterprise systems such as email, content management, customer relationship management, marketing automation, product development, eCommerce, instant messaging and other related applications. Jive also recently introduced the Jive Apps Market, which enables customers and third parties to develop applications that leverage the Jive platform and utilize the enterprise social graph.

This description is adapted from Jive Software prospectus. This description is not intended to be a recommendation to buy stock from this company. To see the company's full description, view their prospectus..

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