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Trade Date
Five BelowFIVE 17.007.1 millionSeptember 18 2013
Credit Suisse
1818 Market Street, Suite 1900, Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 546-7909

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About (adapted from prospectus):
Five Below is a specialty retailer offering a range of merchandise targeted at the teen and pre-teen customer. They offer a dynamic, edited assortment of products, all priced at $5 and below, including select brands and licensed merchandise across a number of categories, which they refer to as "worlds": Style, Room, Sports, Media, Crafts, Party, Candy and Seasonal (referred to as "Now").

The first Five Below store opened in 2002 and the company has since expanded across the eastern half of the U.S. At the end of fiscal 2011, they operated a total of 192 locations across 16 states. Their stores average approximately 7,500 square feet and are typically located within power, community and lifestyle shopping centers across a variety of urban, suburban and semi-rural markets.

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